• Your expansion of Mega City Tokyo is really awesone. I've started posting photos of my own Tokyo work here, in case you're interested:



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    • Oh good! (-:

      The next version is called Tsukune'93794598, with the date 3/26/2013. It has more of the changes I mention in the two blogs.

      I'm changing the ice-slides a lot, making them easier to use as a transit system. I know they're fun to use as a parkour puzzle, but I have done some really cool things which I'm going to be showing here soon.

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    • I've posted another blog User_blog:Mrob27/Local_and_Express_Transit_Systems which shows some of the madness behind why I'd want to change the transit system. There's also some more in User_blog:Mrob27/Little_Tokyo_Changes and User_blog:Mrob27/Linking_old_and_new_Tokyos. The latest shared world is Lelouch'06813630

      In my version of Tokyo I am marking out the locations of your newer buildings (including on Fighting Street, and all the new ones on the south side of the blue glass pyramid) so that I'll remember where you've put new things (I'm not building most of them but I want to make sure I don't put something else there!)

      But I really like the link between Totoro and Korean plazas so I added my own version. You put the entrance in exactly the same place I was using as the entrance for the "subway station" there, so I just had to count blocks and dig the tunnels. But I think you'll like how I made it work (it'll be shared in a day or two).

      I don't want people to get confused so I'm giving my worlds totally different names.

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