• Other ideas are:

    Multiplayer (Roleplay, etc.)

    New Addons: Signs, electricity

    New Custom-Made maps

    Single (Singleplayer only) Multi (Multiplayer only)

    rp_subway city (Multi)

    Forest Ruins (Single)

    City 17 (Half-Life 2 pack needed for graphics) (Multi-Roleplay)

    New Meridian (Needs Skullgirls pack) (Multiplayer Roleplay, but can be used for freeroam singleplayer)

    Saw (New gamemode and map based on all 7 movies (6, maybe)) (Multiplayer, team-based)

    Ultimate Eden Games (Like the Roman Games where you play as a different class)(Multi and Single)

    Packs: Half-Life 2, Skullgirls, Saw

    Saw gamemode description:

    Survive Jigsaw's Traps by co-op or alone!


    Weapons (Half-Like 2 Pack)

    Zombie Escape mode

    more to come

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