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    • Sorry I have no pictures at the moment, but probably later.

      Vuenc and David working on a mod or manipulation for a desert. David made a normal world, but with sand instead of grass dirt and stone. They have problems to manipulate only a part of a world, but I think they can do it. I hope they make a little desert corner for my usa cities. I already did a bit, but its to small. I will ask them for a 500x750 terrain, so I can start my new project "lost vegas".

      Oh and there is an another project on that map, but its a secret~

      Sorry I have to answer you on your page, because I can't give you a comment on laibai city. I have no idea , why

      sorry for my bad english :/

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    • English isn't your first language?

      That's like 1 week after Ive started my city, it's nice though:) thx

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    • You won't have to make your desert floor? Cool. Mine is 220 X 440 For now but it's a good idea. It's kind of long to put every block of sand. Anyways, if you have anything new about the desert and the secret project, tell me:) I'd be glad to hear. Do you think that whoever did the map of my current world could do one of my megalopolis world? It would be awesome.

      thx for all
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    • I will ask :)

      I currently wait. I think about the size of my desert. I don't want to make it bigger than 500x1000, because it would need years to make it more realistic and also it would be bigger than the current size of the map...

      But it would be cool to see the people, who play the world. They would need years to find the secret.

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    • I'll answer in like 1 hour. I can't now

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    • What do you mean in your last sentence exactly?

      Anyways, 500 X 1000 is pretty big and a good size if you plan to do a desert but I did a kind of dune that goes around the desert to make the desert more desert like (because I don't see any grass at all anywhere. You could do that. If you wanna do mountains, you can check and copy what I did, (if you need inspiration). If you want I can help.

      Continue with your project.

      If you want anything with your name on in my world, I could do it. Like publicity or something.

      Anyways, good luck and have fun.

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    • I don't need help. I wait for david. He would make for me the desert and he will just change the grass and stone into sand on a normal world, so it will look realistic.

      I want to build the city in the desert, so the people need to find it. Thats the reason why I call the city Lost Vegas :)

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    • do you have facebook?

      you could build a bit on usa cities, probably :/

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    • I have a random Facebook account.

      I don't really play eden during the week. I won't have much time to do anything in USA cities. Unless it concerns the desert.

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    • I have to think about that.

      Your work would be useless, if david did the hack and I don't want that you work for nothing. But I could make for you a place on wanted, where you can make a desert. If noah (Legend o. t. deep oak) havn't time, you could build on it :)

      Or are you interested to build a desert up side down?

      we are working on a up side down city, it is a bit futuristic, but yea...

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    • I was more talking about mountains and dunes and stuff like that:)

      I know that making the desert would be useless but I could also make a flat part where I could so a monument valley style mountain? Or some other stuff like that.

      When you mean up side down you mean under the real cities and really upside down?

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    • not under the cities, but real up side down ;)


      Megalopolis :3

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    • Cool.

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    • No, no no go away jealosy go away!

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    • Don't be jealous:)

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    • A FANDOM user
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