• So, if you submitted your world to the popular list suggestion thread on the Eden forums, you'll know that  the list is changing ALOT! It will no longer be bias at all. The Elite crew consisting of people like David (Direct City), Brice (Direct City), Jim (The Octogon), and several others. There will be a complex point system to determine the place of the world. The points will be given 1/10 for things such as creativity, size, popularity, ect. So if you haven't, this is your LAST day to submit your world for the popular list! Go on over to for more! 

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    • We vote 4 points:

      Realistic value(will change to apperance in the future)(can becom up to 10 stars)

      Uniqueness(can become up to 8 stars)

      Size(can become up to 6 stars)

      Update frequence(can become up to 4 stars)

      And we have invited a few more than the elite to the voting group and we will invite more soon! 

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    • Thanks for correction!

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    • A FANDOM user
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