• Okay, maybe no answer for the ladders. Here's another mystery:

    All over Tokyo, when something is painted black I change the color to find out what it is, and usually if it was made by you, it's TNT. Why do you do this?

    Decorating with TNT (concealed as a TV screen)

    Decorating with TNT (exposed)

    Are you trying to help visitors who want to blow things up? (-:

    When I find these, I change the TNT to wood and paint it black again.

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    • I tried to make it more realistic with the exploding TVs

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    • I guess it must be an inside joke. Exploding TVs? Is that a Minecraft thing?

      Anyway, I guess it's just a great artist at work! (-:

      The last question I had was this one:


      What's the point of this? But maybe there's no point, maybe it was just for fun.

      Anyway, I was inspired by your blimp, so I made one too:


      it has the Kanji character "down" on it, because you see it only when you're about to fall 30 blocks down a slide.

      I built an outer perimeter fence around the nuclear power plant and added a transit link to it, with an underground entry building where you pass security and change into a radiation suit.

      I built a good replica of the house from Tamari no Totoro under the Russian Embassy building, I put it in the grass and sky biome after enlarging it (no pictures yet, but in a few days maybe)

      And I built this new building with a cuboctahedron on top:


      so I'm having fun anyway. Thanks for making such a great expansion to the already great Tokyo world (-:

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    • I dont know where those red blocks came from. It's a trail leading to the middle of nowhwere that the original builder left behind. Your expansion is looking wonderful!!! Pretty soon I'll need to post some pics of the progress ive made as well. :D

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