Coming soon to EDEN World Builder...

The Moonview Mall! It is going to be the biggest mall in EDEN with many sections which I will start very soon. This mall is going to be space-themed and here is a first look at some of the features that will make this mall the biggest and best in EDEN.

-A massive food court with a nice view and many seats- The Planetarium

-An awesome indoor water-park ( unnamed)

-A huge and thrilling rollercoaster( unnamed)

-Humongous and unique shopping sectors

-Three large department stores

and much more.

I will upload the world on EDEN and post on the wiki the first version of my world in about two weeks which will include the Orion, a spaceship themed shopping area. More pictures are coming soon!

Please leave a message on my wall any ideas of stores in my mall!

Make sure to check this page for updates on the the world and mall features!

Blockmaster1 (talk) 19:46, January 3, 2013 (UTC)

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