The Hidden Galaxy RPG is a world that is proving to be somewhat of a legend among Eden players.

As soon as you begin, you find yourself in some sort of planetarium (The Hidden Galaxy). When you go out (Warp home), you will lose the galaxy in a few seconds (A fairly long wait, due to the worlds overwhelming amount of features, it takes about 15 seconds to warp). however, you'll find yourself in a very detailed world which should be very awesome if you walk around and explore. Anyhow, it is an amazingly detailed world you will spend hours exploring. "Home" is the sky compass (second picture left). The one drawback to this mind blowing map is that is was created before colors and effect blocks existed, therefore its water is not real and you can only explore it. (Update: The Hidden Galaxy V2 has real water and colors.)

Editors Notes: the snow observatory is the location of you know what... - Falc.

Steve Bruce, our own Wiki member has created this world - RUS


  • Steve Bruce, who is now a wikia member, has created this artwork! Congrats! He will be interviewed soon.
  • The Hidden Galaxy has had three versions released. Both have been top 10 worlds before.
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