Eden World Builder Wiki

The Structure and Archetecture[]

The Funnest Way To Heaven (The FWTH), is an extremely fun rollercoaster. It starts at a water elevator surrounded by a large tube of the cloud block. The tube and mainly everything is colored different colors in this pattern: Red, Black, Orange, Black, Yellow, Black, Green, Black, Teal, Black, Blue, Black, Purple, Black, Pink, Black and then the pattern repeats. At the top of the tube is a cloud. In the new upcoming update the cloud will be in that color pattern with black on the edges of the cloud. You then walk to the ride. The whole ride is in the same pattern. There is one block to ride on, and a one high wall on both sides. The whole ride is made of ice. It occasionaly uses light stone to slow the player down. After the ride, you bounce off of a GIANT trampoline in the usual color pattern. It bounces you into a lake of rainbow colors. It is the same pattern, it just doesn't have any black in it. You then climb up a ladder to a trail following the pattern with sides and a glass roof taking you back to the elevator.


Version 4.0 (FINAL VERSION)[]

Here is the things in Version 4.0:

  • Added a color pattern to the elevator tube
  • Colored the clouds
  • Colored the lake
  • Colored the trampoline
  • Colored the walls of Heaven
  • Enclosed trail to the ride

How To Download[]

The world is called The Funnest Way To Heaven by Dblcut3.