The Big Metropolitan is a city-state located on a ocean inlet. It started off as an industrial port city but now is a commercial cosmopolitan city with many attractions and company headquarters located within its business district. The city goes by different names, most common is The Big Metropolitan, but it can also be referred to as Metropolitan City and more formally- The Great Grand Metropolitan City State.


The Big Metropolitan started off on a muddy, swampy island on an ocean inlet. It quickly turned into a very important port for the Western World. Many wealthy elite came to move to the city, after explorer Mcwilson Christansen moved and made a fortune off of his shipping business. The city quickly grew into a cramped fast paced city that experienced great economic growth.

As the city grew, the city eventually formed into a monarchy run by Christansen. During the time of Christansen, the city hosted a haven for the wealthy. The famous F1 track promoted outer city growth, which was unforeseen in the past, and luxery hotels and skysrapers increased the population and economic prosperity. Many large corporations moved in during Christansen’s time. The City eventually started to see poverty rates increase in the city, and Christensen had no experience with solving this problem. That is when his brother, Mcwilson Huddi played a important role.

Christansen, and his brother Huddi, quickly grew into the heads of state. Christansen ran the city-State for 67 years until he passed it on to Huddi. Huddi eventually ended the monarchy and made it a republic. Huddi brought happiness and prosperity for many, especially the poor. Huddi decreased the wealth gap and created a new type of younger, more free city lifestyle. Christansen still lives and works in the city today, but holds little to no authority in the government. Huddi still keeps a lot of the pageantry that Christansen brought to the city.



Being a City State, the government is very centralized. It is classified as a Dual constitutional monarchy with a president(Mcwilson Huddi), and a head of state king (Christansen) who holds little to no authority. Though historically, the two worked together, until Christansen handed his throne to Huddi, ending The Christansen era.

There are two chambers, the commerce, and the senate. The commerce is where bills are introduced, and voted on, and then passed onto the upper chamber, the senate for final inspection. Unlike a traditIona’s republic, the senators are appointed by the president, whereas the commerce seats are voted upon by the people.

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