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Terrain, including hills, trees, and cliffs.

Many different formations of blocks are generated in Eden used the apps built in terrain generator. These include caves, hills, cliffs, and many more.

Types Of A World

When you make a new world, you are presented with an option on which type of world to make. Currently, there are two types of worlds, Flat and Normal.

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Flat World


A normal start of a Flat World.

In a flat world, there are no structures. The only blocks found in this terrain are Grass, Dirt, Light Stone, and Bedrock. There is first one layer of Grass, followed by 16 Dirt blocks below it. After the Dirt, there are 15 Light Stone blocks below it. Finally, there is one layer of inpassable Bedrock at the bottom.

Normal World

Normal Worlds use the terrain generator to generate a random world. At the top there are grass blocks, flowers, weeds, and trees. In the lower levels, there are light stone blocks, dirt, and bedrock. There are occasional floating islands and patches of stone on the surface.

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