Many different formations of blocks are randomly generated in Eden with the use of the app's built in terrain generator. These currently include hills, stone quarries, overhangs, volcanoes, mountains, trees, beaches, and more.

Types Of Worlds

When you make a new world, you are presented with an option on which type of world to make. Currently, there are two types of worlds, Flat and Normal. Flat is obviously completely flat whereas normal is mountainous, has trees, cliffs, stone, weeds, and flowers. If you have creatures toggled on, they will spawn naturally in both worlds.

Flat World

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In a Flat World, there are no structures. The only blocks found in this terrain are Grass, Dirt, Light Stone, and Bedrock. There is first one layer of Grass, followed by 16 dirt blocks below it. After the Dirt, there are 15 light stone blocks below it. Finally, there is one layer of impassable Bedrock at the bottom. Flat Worlds are suitable for building large cities or structures such as roller coasters.

Version 1.7 and Below Normal Worlds

Normal Worlds use the terrain generator to generate a virtually infinite world with randomly generated hills and valleys. At the top there are grass blocks, flowers, weeds, and trees. In the lower levels, there is stone, dirt, and bedrock. There are occasional floating islands and patches of stone on the surface, which some consider a seperate biome from the grass.

Overhangs can also be found in Normal Worlds, which are mainly Grass and Dirt blocks that connect to the main part of the world that are hanging over Stone quarries.

Version 2.0 Terrain Generator

Main article: Normal World

With the arrival of Update 2.0, there were mountains capped with snow and ice at the bases, naturally appearing lakes of water, naturally occurring ice slides, and a tropical island biome type. Mountains have recently been seen in screenshots with water replacing the ice, meaning that this is another possible change that could come.

Biomes in Update 2.0 Terrain Generation:

  • Normal
  • Tropical (sand, light blue water, and a different type of tree from the original type)

    Riverbeta, a sample of the terrain,(go type it in on shared worlds)

  • Forest (all dark grass and a third type of tree spawn here)
  • Snow-Capped Mountains (questionably its own biome)
  • Red/Volcanic world (consists of red stone for the ground, black stone arches, and volcanoes)
  • Purple world (a purple area covering a rainbow colored stone and water filled area)

Bad chunks

Image (1)

a picture taken near the edge of Eden

The bad chunks, spawning near the edges of an Eden word, constitute terrain that is extremely rectangular an imprecise. This glitch is likely to be the cause of the edge of Eden or vice versa.

Theories and ideas

-These chunks may only exist in hacked worlds. This would mean that the Edge of Eden is result of such hacking. If that is true, it can be assumed that the worlds shared as 'Edge of Eden' must have been all hacked.

-It is possible that this effect of very rectangular terrain is built up over time. (i.e. the farther you go, the bigger the rectangles get.) That would mean that terrain naturally wants to generate with bigger rectangles, but something about the previous chunk prevents it from doing so.

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