TNT is a non-naturally occurring block that is burnable and explodes when lit on fire. TNT has a blast radius of 13 blocks (from side to side). Often used in worlds to create jumps, cliffs, pools, rooms, etc. See fire. The blast will destroy the same amount of blocks regardless of the type of blocks in range. From the topmost section, it blows up 6 blocks down. Another thing to note, is that every explosion has the same pattern.


  • When placing and lighting a TNT block, there is a glitch when the user walks to close to an unrendered section while the TNT is burning, and once it becomes rendered, the lit block is visible, but when the player walks into it, they can walk throught it, and can only dissapear when any other block is placed near it.
  • TNT is often used to demolish a big structure, start fires on wood, or simply make a hole in the ground.
  • The only material that TNT cannot destroy is Bedrock and flaming wood and foliage.
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