SWISS is a World created by Nick Art(not his real Name) Some of his friends help him with this World. He started to build 2010. In this World he build a big Airport with the best planes in Eden the he have a own Airline, the name of his Airline in Eden is Swissfly . 

Current Version

SWISS V 2'9 airport

General Infos

In Swiss you can see a mountain with 3 lifts, a few ski slopes, a small village with an Apple store (Designed and built by David Nolte, train station with an business lounge and an underground shopping center, an Swiss particle accelerator (SPA) and a large airport on the Direct AirlinesSwissfly and Swiss IAL land There is also a military airport with the Swiss Air Force and there is also be a military base and a golf course in one of the next versions.


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