Super Ice Slide

By Nickijames10


The Super Ice Slide!

The Super Ice Slide is a creation by Nickijames10 for all the edeners out there to download, play on and use. It starts at a small platform. Get on the GREEN ice and slide to the water elevator to begin the fun of sliding through this slide. in the future, there will be 7 parts of this gigantic ice slide!


1: overworld: as shown in picture!  2: stone dimension: the mysterious passage interconnecting all the eden worlds. 3: back to the overworld: take a plunge in the Shapphire lake, breese across the Topaz cliffs, avoid the deadly Ruby eruptor, and explore the Emerald plains! 4: the end?: update 3, a desolite realm past all eden worlds, past all minecraft worlds, past ALL worlds, far off in the universe. 5: snow park: update 4.  6: lost in space: update 5. 7: tech triumph: update 6.

More parts may come as it gets bigger.

How to download

Type SISV2 to get the world up, then download it!

Future Update download

Each Super Ice Slide version gets the number up in each update, as so, the end?... ...update will be named SISV3.

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