Stumpy is a small, four eyed, non-aggressive creature. Its main color is orange. Stumpy was first introduced in Version 1.7.


  • It has 4 eyes, but when it blinks it only appears to have 2 eyes.
  • Two teeth, straight mouth
  • Orange legs, gray ankles, and black feet
  • 6 spots on front
  • Bottom of body is tan.
  • 10 spots on top
  • 12 spots on back
  • Head moves up and down to symbolize breathing.
  • Ears are pointing left and right.



  • Stumpy is well-loved by many due to it roughly resembling a cat.
  • Stumpy the cat can enter through one block spaces due to its small size.
  • Stumpy is both the smallest and shortest creature in Eden.


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