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[[Category:Normal World Block]]
[[Category:Normal World Block]]
[[Category:Flat World Block]]
[[Category:Flat World Block]]
[[Category:Stone Block]]

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Stone is a common block. It is found from the bottom of the dirt layer all the way down to bedrock. Stone Ramps and Stone are often used as common building materials. (Also see: dark stone). The Stone Block is not flammable, but is able to be broken by the player using the pickaxe, or be destroyed by TNT.


  • There are 25 stone blocks before you hit bedrock in a Flat world, and 10 to 15 in an Normal World.
  • Stone is the most common block wherever you go.
  • Stone ramps are not found naturally.
  • A variant of this is Dark Stone, a stone removed in Version 1.6
  • It is the most popular block for making caves.
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