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{{Navbox/Unnatural Blocks}}
|Box title = Steel Block
|image = file:Steel.jpg
|name = Steel
|caption = The Steel Block
|image = [[File:Steel.png|250x250px]]
|Row 1 title = Type:
|type = Solid block
|Row 1 info = Unnatural
|id = 74
|Row 2 title = Ramp Variant:
|occurrence = Unnatural
|Row 3 title = Flammable:
|flammable = No
|Row 3 info = No
|destructible = Yes, but not with [[TNT]]
|Row 4 title = Destructible:
|animated = No
|Row 4 info = No
|appearance = [[Version History|Version 2.0]]
|Row 5 title = Placeable:
|texture = [[File:TEX_Steel.png|32x32px]]
|Row 5 info = Yes|Row 2 info = No|Row 6 title = Animated:
|Row 6 info = No
__FORCETOC__'''Steel''' is a block in [[Eden - World Builder|Eden World Builder]] that was added in [[Update 2.0|Version 2.0]]. It is one of three blocks that are immune to [[TNT]], the others being [[Bedrock]] and [[Treasure Crystals]].
|Row 7 title = Special Feature:
|Row 7 info = Impervious to TNT blasts
|Row 8 title = First Appearance:
|Row 8 info = Version 2.0|imagewidth = 200}}The Steel Block is a block confirmed to be released in the [[Eden Update 2.0]]. It is said to be completely immune to the effects of[[ TNT]]. This block will lead to many new effects on worlds of many Edeners.
<gallery type="slideshow" position="left">
IPadPhotos 155 (3).png|Steel Blocks Spelling "Eden"
iPadPhotos 158 (3).PNG|Steel Blocks are impervious to TNT blasts.
iPadPhotos 157 (3).PNG|Steel Fortress
iPadPhotos 156 (3).PNG|Steel Blocks painted in "Caution Tape"
*The frame of this steel block is slightly similar to frame of a [[Portals|Portal]].
*This Block can be used to control [[TNT]] explosions.
*This Block will probably be best used for controlled [[TNT]] explosions.
*The Steel Block looks like a silver [[Tile]] Block that has bolts lining its edges.
[[Category:Unnatural blocks]]
*It is the second block immune to [[TNT]], the other being [[Bedrock]].
*Steel can be used to make fortesses that wont be able to be blown up.
*It can also be a tile for Prisons,Dungeons.etc
[[Category:Unnatural Block]]
[[Category:Future Updates]]
[[Category:Update 2.0]]
[[Category:Update 2.0]]

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Steel is a block in Eden World Builder that was added in Version 2.0. It is one of three blocks that are immune to TNT, the others being Bedrock and Treasure Crystals.


  • This Block can be used to control TNT explosions.
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