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{{Navbox/Unnatural Blocks}}
|Box title = Steel Block
|image = file:Steel.jpg
|name = Steel
|caption = Steel Block
|image = [[File:Steel.png|250x250px]]
|Row 1 title = Flammable
|type = Solid block
|Row 1 info = No
|id = 74
|Row 2 title = Ramp
|occurrence = Unnatural
|Row 3 title = Placeable
|flammable = No
|Row 3 info = Yes
|destructible = Yes, but not with [[TNT]]
|Row 4 title = Special Ability
|animated = No
|Row 4 info = Invincible to TNT blast/effects
|appearance = [[Version History|Version 2.0]]
|Row 5 title = Animated
|texture = [[File:TEX_Steel.png|32x32px]]
|Row 5 info = No|Row 2 info = No}}The Steel Block is a block confirmed to be released in the Eden 2.0 update. It is said to be completely immune to the effects of TNT. This block will lead to many new effects on worlds of many Edeners.
__FORCETOC__'''Steel''' is a block in [[Eden - World Builder|Eden World Builder]] that was added in [[Update 2.0|Version 2.0]]. It is one of three blocks that are immune to [[TNT]], the others being [[Bedrock]] and [[Treasure Crystals]].
*The frame of this steel block is similar to frame of a [[Portals|Portal]].
*This Block can be used to control [[TNT]] explosions.
*This Block will probably be best used for controlled explosions.
*Due to its immunity to TNT blasts, this block may be used as a shield to prevent blocks nearby to TNT from being destoryed.
[[Category:Unnatural blocks]]
*The Steel Block looks like a revamped [[Tile]] Block.
[[Category:Update 2.0]]
[[Category:Unnatural Block]]
[[Category:Future Updates]]

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Steel is a block in Eden World Builder that was added in Version 2.0. It is one of three blocks that are immune to TNT, the others being Bedrock and Treasure Crystals.


  • This Block can be used to control TNT explosions.
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