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Sound and ambient noises are sounds created by the game when these actions are performed:


  • Using the pickaxe to delete a block.
  • Igniting a Block on fire.
  • The sound of fire blazing.
  • Walking on any type of block.
  • Being near lava.
  • Being in water.
  • Jumping in water.
  • Touching lava.
  • Creatures will make noises when you approach them/interact with them (i.e. harm them).
  • When reaching the highest altitude, a breezy noise plays.
  • Placing a block.
  • lighting T.N.T.,and when it ignites.
  • Ignite a creature on fire.
  • hitting a creature until it is "destroyed".
  • Jumping on a trampoline.
  • Painting a block.
  • At the lowest level (digging down to the bedrock), it will sound damp (low wind sounds).
  • Sliding on ice.


  • Music plays in the background regularly.


There is no way to purchase the music in the game, but it has been uploaded online. There is currently only one track.

File:Eden World Builder Main Theme
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