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Sound and ambient noises are sounds created by the game when certain actions are performed. Some can only be heard when the music setting is on.

Block Related Sounds

Almost every block the user walks on has either the walking on Grass sound or walking on Stone sound, with the exception of the Lava, Water, and Trampoline blocks. There area also many other sounds associated with blocks:

  • Using the pickaxe to destroy a block.
  • Igniting a Block on fire.
  • The sound of fire blazing.
  • Being near lava.
  • Being in water.
  • Jumping in water.
  • Touching lava.
  • Creatures will make noises when you approach them/interact with them (i.e. harm
  • Placing a block.
  • Lighting T.N.T.,and when it ignites.
  • Igniting a creature on fire.
  • Hitting a creature until it is "destroyed".
  • Jumping on a trampoline.
  • Painting a block.
  • Sliding on ice.

Other Ambient Sounds

  • At the highest layers where blocks are placeable, strong winds can be heard.
  • Going slightly down will result in some normal wind.
  • Deep digging will result in creepy, quiet wind sounds for dampness. If your head is at or below the highest stone layer in a flat world, this can be heard even if you are in a large expanse that is totally exposed to the sky.
  • If the player goes out of placeable block range, none of these play.
  • Music plays in the background regularly.


There is no way to purchase the music in the game, but it has been uploaded online. There are four original songs, and two more were added with Version 2.0


Eden - World Builder Music

The four original songs on the soundtrack.