Sam's mega stadiums and huge city is the name of a realistically world in Eden. It contains one metropolis called "Hofstetten". In this city several downtown buildings, theatres, a harbor, embassies and much more could be found. But the focus is put onto those plenty stadiums for many different kinds of sport which have place for up to tens of thousands of people. The biggest one is called "stadium of dreams" and is the highlight in this world. Moreover, a luxury neighborhood, three civil airports and another three military areas could be explored. The whole world is connected with a big underground system which stations are colored different. So the main station in the heart of the world is the green one, from ´where you could reach every point. The other stations are colored like the main building in the surrounding area.

color: underground station

red: city airport

bright Blue: Blue airport

yellow: yellow "flight" airport

brown: Military base next to athletics stadium

orange: Swimming- and Ice Hockey stadium

white: hospital

green: Main city station / Tennis Stadium

purple: harbor

black: luxury neighborhood

bright yellow: Parking area/ casino

cyan: older big Stadium

--SamH98 (talk) 12:57, July 3, 2014 (UTC)

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