Super Parkour is an interactive world created by Paradoxq13. Its main attraction is the huge parkour/platform game located at one of the corners. It has a miscellaneous arrangement of other things too like mazes

You will spawn at a small blue shaded pyramid. If you follow one of the red roads you should see a half red/half blue arrow and near it, the word "PARKOUR". If you go into the opening that the arrow points to you will arrive at the first level. The first level is the brick tutorial, it teaches you the basics of jumping. When you get to the top you will se a big hole that goes into the ground. This is the first cave of many. Levels continue like this, teaching you new things and testing you on your skills. Along the way there are twenty secret areas. Each with a number printed on the wall (from 1-20 in order). This is another challenge! You have to find all of the secret rooms. The ending room is tedious! You will land in a black room with two strange and colourful symbols on them. Finding your way out might take ages! Ask for help in the comments if you are completely stuck. The end should take you back near the start. Overall, This could take you days to complete!

Rules: DO NOT PLACE, MINE OR BURN ANY BLOCKS! This is cheating and ruins the game completely. Although if you are having LOTS of trouble getting past a level then you may place blocks to get you to the end of the level. This is not reccomended. And also, STAY ON TRACK! It is possible to skip 3/4 of the map by jumping onto one of the later levels. DO NOT DO THIS! Stay on track and follow the path.

Feedback is appreciated. And any questions you have on how to complete it will most likely be answered. Dont be afraid to ask! Also, any feedback on what I should add to this page will be considered, like a level list or a walkthrough for example.

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