Roller Coasters are structures on Eden - World Builder that give the illusion of going on an actual roller coaster. They are usually composed of Ice Ramps and Ice Blocks. Some roller coasters use Trampoline blocks or Water and Lava for extra fun on the ride. 

Roller Coasters are constructed by putting down many Ice ramps forming a big hill, then bordering this ice hill with a block to keep the user from falling off the edge of the hill. Many roller coasters go underground, if not exclusively, and some have very elaborate illusions. They are usually started by using the diagonally cut ice blocks in a tall, downhill ram so the user can pick up spee
Rollercoaster Hobbyhobbes
d. Then, the user could encounter many twists and turns or jumps. Some use Water blocks as an "Elevator" of sorts to carry the user up to another ramp or part of the ride.

Roller Coasters are immensely popular among Eden builders and most worlds are exclusively roller coaster worlds. Sometimes, roller coasters are used as transportation systems in larger worlds for quick travel. Many coasters are designed to be autonomous, meaning that once you go off of the ramp you do not have to do any controlling. Autonomous roller coasters are good for viewing scenery around the world.

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