Retro City is a world, made by Bnm786. This world is currently in DEV, and the name is RCDEV. This should be updated about once a week with new awesome content.

So, you want to know WHAT this world is? This world is a very adventurous world, with many caves, rooms, tunnels, and many other things. This world is so far set up into 5 sections, each vast and epic.


Spawn is not very interesting. Wait. It is interesting, but nothing compared to the other sections. Here is what is in there:

  • Houses(One with an entrance to the hallway)
  • A pool
  • A hole into the underground homes
    • The underground homes haven't been worked on yet, so not much is down there.
  • Compass
    • You use the compass to figure out which section is which.

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    • Like the roller coasters in the brick house (I think). Pretty neat
    • They arent rollercoasters. They are pathways. Try going to the red rollarcoaster in the west section
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