Work Finished?
Gray and orange color rooms Yes
Mansion tiles No
Red Rollercoaster Yes
Collesium No
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Retro is a world, made by Bnm786. This world is worked on alot, and this should be updated about once a week with new awesome content. The current name is RetroB, as in retro v2.

So, you want to know WHAT this world is? This world is a very adventurous world, with many caves, rooms, tunnels, and many other things. This world is so far set up into 5 sections, each vast and epic.


Spawn is interesting, but nothing compared to the other sections. Here is what is in there:

  • Houses(One with an entrance to the hallway, and one with a compass guide)
    • Brick House surrounded by tiles
      • Entrance to the hallway
    • Crystal House
      • Compass house, under it is directions.
    • The rest of the houses are just regular town houses.
  • A pool
  • A hole into the underground homes(NOTE:Mostly deleted)
    • The underground homes haven't been worked on yet, so not much is down there.
  • Compass
    • You use the compass to figure out which section is which.
    • Over the crystal house is a compass. Inside the house there is a ladder which leads to a room which guides you to each direction.
      • Just for this wiki, I will tell you yellow is north, blue is south, green is east, and red is west.
  • A Brick Ball
    • You reach inside of this when you go in the water illusion room.
      • ?

North Sector

The north sector isn't the most packed area, but it is pretty nice I'd say.

  • Snow Biome
    • It isn't amazingly big yet, but it will!
    • It has snow and ice included
  • Tree House
    • Its a fail, it has 4 wooden block added at the end of a tree, so nothing major.
    • It is right behind the snow biome
  • Science Lab
    • On the left of the Tree house, there is a hole in the ground which takes you to a bland hole in the ground. The science lab is not finished, or more or less even started.

South Sector

  • Wall(Will be made into castle, but a stupid wall for now)
  • Entrance to sewers
    • It is a huge hole on the right of the wall, with a waterfall. At the end is the sewers, which are long and winding(well not now)It also has an entrance to the color rooms
  • Color Rooms
    • The name basically says all. Rooms made out of colors. You start at red, which has passages to yellow, which leads to pink, which leads to gray. Red also has a passage to green, which leads to nothing for now.

West Sector

  • Red Rollercoaster
    • A small rollercoaster with everything colored, RED! You finish in a tiled ball.

East Sector

This is the most jampacked layer of retro so far.

  • The Hallway
    • The Hallway is a passageway to the locations of Retro. These locations currently include Illusion room, mansion, underground lands, and a blank white building(idk what it is yet)
  • Illusion room
    • The only way to get here is the hallway.
    • This has, as the title says, illusions. but some illusions have little secret passageways in them. For example, the water illusion has a water passageway to the brick ball.
  • Mansion
    • A giant floor, with beautiful tiles and stuff. The rooms haven't been worked on yet, but the interior will be worked on within v3
  • Underground Lands
    • Right under the mansion(spoiler alert), its basically just hills and stuff under grass, but there will be hidden passageways
      • You might find a roller coaster in there somewhere...
  • Big Tree
    • Its a big red tree. Once,you find the hole in the ground its a tree root passage, and inside the tree is an ice rink thingey >:D
  • White building
    • I might make a doodle jump? Idk
  • Green Giant Ice Block
    • Its a giant triangle green ice block. You can go in and there is a rollercoaster. GREEN THEMED!

Upcoming Updates

  • The sewers will be vastly expanded, as well as the snow biome.
  • The color rooms will be more interesting.
  • A parody of a game of some kind, acsissible in the white pathway in the Hallway
  • A sand biome

So thats it, the current code is just RetroB. It isnt done its in alpha, so you might find some unfinished work. But, hope you like it and comment. :P

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