The Republic of the Federated States of Eden (New Eden), is a fictional state in which the largest cities in the game are located. Each megapolis has a surrounding province. The country has more than 100 million inhabitants so far and its capital has been Olympolis since its foundation. New cities such as Direct City and Puerto Marabella and gained importance in the country's political organization. The country has a rich history and some places show it very well; Most notably, the monumental palace of the Octagon.


The state was founded in 2015 in order to cope with the chaos that was reigning between the different regions of the earth. The idea of unifying the different states became popular. It was quickly agreed to, aswell as the political organization of the country: a Democratic Republic. Elections have been organized for February to decide who will be the first to run the country.


The National Football league 1

Created in February 2015, right after the country itself, the National League of Professional Football (NLPF), or Pro League One debuted on Thursday, February 12th with the first day of competition, in which Olympolis took the table lead in front of Elysium GC and ASV Hofstetten. The league has the particularity to have a unusual organization. Indeed, the championship is composed of ten clubs, facing each other twice on a six-month period. The winner team is the one that has earned the largest amount of points during the season, knowing that a win gives three points, a loss one point and not any point for a defeat. The 2015 edition includes ten clubs : ASV Hoffstetten, Deep Oak United, Direct City FC, Eden Springs FC, Elysium Grand Club, Keyro Island Giants, Magic City Olympic, Olympolis FC, and Puerto Marabella FC.

Main Cities

City Name Urban zone population City inhabitants
Olympolis 16,526,321 inhabitants 5,345,325 inhabitants
Direct City 9,165,263 inhabitants 2,445,214 inhabitants
Stantwan Metropolis 5,149,652 inhabitants 957,299 inhabitants
Elysium 1,256,141 inhabitants 355,695 inhabitants
Eden Springs 1,145,632 inhabitants 596,145 inhabitants
Hofstetten 1,026,247 inhabitants 468,524 inhabitants
Puerto Marabella

+ Luxury Villas

955,631 inhabitants 230,025 inhabitants
Magic City 532,265 inhabitants 412,524 inhabitants
Deep Oaks 104,326 inhabitants 88,214 inhabitants
Eden City 102,021 inhabitants 99,654 inhabitants
Swiss village 1,342 inhabitants 1,342 inhabitants
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