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The Portal is a block in Eden World Builder that was added in Version 2.0. Portals allow players to quickly travel from one place to another. If you place two portals of the same color, you will teleport between the two when you enter the portal.


  • The texture on the side of the portal is the same as the Stone block.
  • Creatures can travel through portals.
  • Portals and Doors are the only blocks that are two-blocks tall.
  • If you hold the screen before placing a portal, the placing icon is that of a normal stone block, rather than a portal.
  • Before Version 2.1, Portals could not transport the player to unloaded areas and still cannot on some devices.
  • Portals can be used to create logic gates.
  • If there is a block blocking the exit of a Portal, it will automatically break when the player exits the Portal.


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