Building history

At first, the world was my experiment that was not meant to be an actual world. I had created the world around 12/2016, but only started sharing it in 2018.

Names and Versions...

This world has had some names over its lifetime, and here they are...

Name # Estimated Date shared The FAQ!?
World 12 1 6/2018 First shares
Port city 2 3/2019 25 vol’s
Aston port as’ 3 7/2019 ...
Island of Astonville 4 8/2019 ...
Astonville port riva 5 9/2019 Port builds
Aston Ville 6 10/2019 The Ville.
Port Astonville 7 1/2020 Finale

Phew! That a lot of names. Aston ville MAX and FINALE are the final versions of the world before an (almost) complete remodeling or a ‘2.0’ of the world.



The notorious ‘Eden Worlds Trade Companies’ building in ’downtown’.


Santoga’s only monorail system and overhead, too.

Buildings. City. Transport.

The EWTC building is an important place for other Eden country, state and city trading opportunities. Santoga’s only monorail system is here, too. It’s also an overhead one. There are seven stations total for the system. Also a mall at north.

Next... It‘s 2.0!

Astonville 2.0 will be a much more improved version of Port Astonville. Details below...

‘2.0’ for Astonville is now going to be a controversial topic in Eden:World Builder since it has been mentioned above and will not be seen yet. Astonville ‘2.0’ would feature the recolourings and designing of many buildings, the adding of more details, recolouring of all roads, and redesign the mall, airport and harbour. This ‘2.0’ may not come out anytime this year, due to the size of the changes needed to make the world better. An unofficial date of release right now is 3/15/2021. A BETA of the 2.0 will be released when about 2/3 of the planned changes are completed, I am not sure when this will be because I am working on my other two worlds. I will also be sharing the world with the same name as a teaser for the 2.0 update sometime later 2020. An official release date will be out later though, after planning and testing.


If you want to download this world currently, type in the search bar: Port Astonville. To find *Beeeen4 laughs* my past rookie builds in the old versions type: ‘port‘ to see if you can find the old versions. ;D

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