The Pickaxe is the delete tool on eden. It is located at the left of the screen underneath the fire tool. The pickaxe allows the user to delete one block at a time. Once the user chooses this option, they simply tap on a block and it dissapears (along with a "disintegration" sequence). The user can also delete diagonal blocks by targetting the gap between the two blocks facing the user. This tool is able to delete every single type of material, with the exception of the indestructable bedrock.


  • When you select the pickaxe, it doesn't physically appear where the user's hands would be.
  • When you tap the pickaxe icon when it is highlighted (in use), it will cease to be highlighted and the game is in a no touch mode, where the user cannot manipulate the world. This is so the user doesn't accidentally place a block or delete a block etc.

Catwgory:User Inferface

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