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Hell Theme:
Hell Theme:
Idea taken from Nether in Minecraft PC
Idea taken from Nether in Minecraft PC
Lab 2 theme:
Ideas from Puzzles Towers by RUS (ptv3atwt)

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Parkour Puzzles is a parkour map with many themes to it.

Current version

V. 27- adds hell theme and adds insane house theme 2 and a easter egg

Next version

V. 28- adds lab 2 theme


When you spawn you will be in a white area. After you complete the parkour you can go on to the challenges. Or you can turn around to the exit.

Types of jumps

Normal jump- Just jump

Fall jump- You fall then jump after you can make extreme distances. Dont use it in challenges that look like it will be easy.


Tutorial theme (challenge 0) easy

Caves theme (challenge 1) normal

Factory theme (challenge 2) normal

Random theme (challenge 3) easy

Icy theme (challenge 4) hard

Water cave (challenge 5) normal

Lava cave (challenge 6) normal

Forest theme (challenge 7) normal

Desert theme (challenge 8) hard

Insane house theme (challenge 9) easy

Advanced training theme (challenge 10) hard

Underground ruins theme (challenge 11) normal

Hills theme (challenge 12) easy

The 13th (challenge 13) hard

Water tank theme (challenge 14) hard

Broken in time theme (challenge 15) easy

Forest theme 2 (challenge 16) normal

Mall theme (challenge 17) normal

Slide theme (challenge 18) easy

City theme (challenge 19) hard

Town theme (challenge 20) normal

Volcano theme (challenge 21) normal

Water factory theme (challenge 22) insane

Lab theme (challenge 23) normal

Skyworld theme (challenge 24) hard

Mountain theme (challenge 25) hard

Ant Farm theme (challenge 26) normal

Icy theme 2 (challenge 27) hard

Icy caverns theme (challenge 28) normal

Green hills theme (challenge 29) hard

Icy caverns theme 2 (challenge 30) normal

Prision theme (challenge 31) normal

Wasteland theme (challenge 32) hard

Castle theme (challenge 33) hard

Crystal Palace (challenge 34) hard

Hell theme (challenge 35) hard

Insane house theme 2 (challenge 36) normal

Coming soon

Sky Temple theme (unknown verison)

Ocean theme (unknown verison)

Less ugly (unknown verison)

Community helped themes

Slide theme: Idea from friend

Water Factory: Idea from a minecraft map

Crystal Palace: Parts taken from other maps

Hell Theme: Idea taken from Nether in Minecraft PC

Lab 2 theme: Ideas from Puzzles Towers by RUS (ptv3atwt)


Fall jumps is only required in challenge 29, challenge 4, and challenge 34

The broken in time theme was orginally gonna be several areas then a time portal

The water factory wasn't originally ment to be organized the way it was but, due to time it was organized the way it was.

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