Paint icon

Special Feature:

alter blocks natural color





First Appearance:

Version 1.6

Painting is a feature on Eden-World Builder added in version 1.5. This allows the user to paint any Block a number of different colors. The user must tap the Paint Icon (fourth icon down on the right side of the device screen) and, after they tap a color, just tap a block, or a number of blocks, or a Creature and it will alter the color.


  • If the user taps a block and then a color, then the blocks placed will be the selected color.
  • There are 54 colors, and their base color gradually gets darker down the column and eventually turns black.
  • You can paint Bedrock.
  • The user is able to paint the sky by hitting the paint tray and pressing the sky to select a hue of the color. You can paint the sky multiple colors at once, at different locations.
  • Painting the water block before you place it (click a color and then click on the water block in the block selection) all water will flow to be the same color. This has the same effect with lava.


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