Overhang is a common element of normal worlds on Eden. They involve naturally occurring "overhangs' of land over stone areas. This is where the top is level with the grass layer, but nothing supports it from below, creating a natural "roof" or "shaded area" over the affected stone layer area. Some overhangs connect to create natural bridges and sometimes they are connected everywhere except for one side, which makes for the creation of an above ground-esclusive naturally occurring cave, though they are very different from what used to be the cave feature. Overhangs can sometimes provide the perfect place to build a fort or start a tunnel or even break of the part connected to the land to create a floating island. Sometimes, the rare floating islands appear close to overhangs and look like they were a failed attempt (on the game coding's part) to create an overhang or a land bridge. Overhangs only occur in normal worlds.
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