Eden: World Builder 2.1.1

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Update 2.1.1 is an unreleased update for Eden World Builder. It was meant to be the first update after Eden was open-sourced and was created exclusively by the community. The update mainly focused on small optimizations and bug fixes. However, the update was cancelled due to its instability and Ari Ronen not wishing to further update the original Eden World Builder app.

Eden: Universe Builder

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Eden: Universe Builder is a remake of Eden: World Builder in Unreal Engine 4. Various attempts to update Eden was started shortly after Ari Ronen open sourced Eden - World Builder in early 2018. The goal of Eden: Universe Builder is to keep the core gameplay the same while adding new features. The game features the ability to load existing worlds. A Discord server to talk about the game was founded on July the 16th 2018. The remake of is open source and is actively developed by Joseph The Engineer. The code can be found on GitLab.

Eden: Unity Builder

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Eden Unity Builder is a fan-made remake of Eden World Builder. Developed from scratch for Android. The goal of this project is to recreate 98% of the Eden World Builder. Probably will be updated in the future.

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