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This humongous world has so much water you could swear that is was not created on a flat world. The streets are made of ice, giving you a nice tour, but you have to explore it slowly to enjoy all the sights, from a huge stadium, a cruise ship, a mini Parthenon, assorted amazing Italian style buildings, and the list could goes on. This world kinda resembles our 'real' world as it has the flags of the world, real buildings, the olympic rings, a cruise ship, etc. There are currently at least three pretty successful rehashes, one just an update, another, a jungle is added, and the third, a lot more ships are added into the ocean, and it keeps getting beneficial updates. In the fourth update, more water is added making the entire area and island. More bridges and boats are added as well. In the latest update, a roadway, to a "hell" was created. It keeps getting more cracked with more lava untill it turns completely black, and filled of lava. Hell is an awesome place to explore. It's current update's name is Olympolis V70 HighwayToHell.


  • It has been in the top 5 lots of times in the popular page. It has maintained the top spot for quite a while now.
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