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Background Information

The year: 1240 Location: Europe

The year is 1240. 13 years ago in 1227 the dominant kingdom's in the region are the Golden Templars and the Holy Roman Templars. These two kingdoms have been at war for decades. A young king over throws the Holy Roman Templars. They are banished from the land. The young king's name is Marcov Chaque. He rules the land with an iron fist until an uprising occurs. The people have reveled against their own king! This was unheard of. They defeat the King and establish two new kingdoms. The Royal British and the Holy French. At first they get along well, but after a series of skrimishes over territory these two powers collided into war only 5 years after they won independence in 1235. With these two fighting what remained of the Golden Templars and Holy Roman Templars went into hiding. Now, nearly a year after the war started the Holy Roman Templars and Golden Templars are fighting as one to reclaim their rightful place as rulers if the land.


In Medival Europe your placed in a completely fictional time in Medival Europe. You have to explore the landscape to discover stuff. The whole purpose of the world is to unlock the secrets of the lost empire. In the north is the jousting arena. To the south is the dragon. To the east is the Castle of the east. To the west is barbarian villages main castle complex next to the creature farm, battle for the bridge, battle between the Brits and French and two French castles. To discover the secrets of the lost empire you must find out how it fell, it's future and will it return? It's up to you now to discover the fate of the lost empire...


Feel free to write what you think happened on this page. When you give up I'll tell you what happened to the lost kingdom.

P.S. Don't ask X-145 cause he won't know the answer.

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