Metropolis 2150

Metropolis is a large futuristic city created by Tzekoo. It is built on the bedrock layer in the flat geneated world. It has won high praises from many EDEN players for its amazing architecture and landscapes .

Tzekoo :

"Building a futuristic city was one of the first idea i had when i began to play eden, i always wanted to build one but when Matias released Sc1, i began Metropolis ."

Many people didn't trust in this project but this city is now known as one of the best of Eden.

Tzekoo first wanted to build a kind of remake of the fifth element landscape but it finally became his main city and project.

There aren't any subways in Metropolis because of the bedrock but there are several transports companies to bring you everywhere you want .

The actual version of the world should be the last , according to the builder himself .

the twin towers

The twin towers are one of the first part of Metropolis . high of 41 blocks , you can find surgeries at every floor .

"First it was going to be residentials towers but finally, there wasn't too 'much space so there now are surgeries."

The Contemporary Art Museum

The contemporary art museum is a minimalist designed building in the center of metropolis . In this museum you could see paintings , sculptures and other artistic stuff

The Metropolis Poker Center

In The MPC (Metropolis Poker Center) you'll find a video games room and a poker room on the second floor . There are also hotel rooms .


The cinema is a must in Metropolis , it has 2 rooms of 93 seats and a big one of 136 seats

Nuclear Power Testing

The nuclear power is the main source of energy in Metropolis

Metropolis Jail (Metropolis Correctional Facility)

Low Flight Vehicles

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