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This article is about the original Mega City Tokyo world. For the extended version see Mega City Tokyo (Extended).

Beta v100( A Thriving Country)

Mega City Tokyo is one big city, with towering skyscrapers all over the place. Have you ever wondered what was outside this mega city? A bustling and growing country of many communities! Yes, this world contains many communities to explore, and seems to be of Europe. The creator of this amazing map is unknown, but the last version is presumed to be around v100, made quite a while ago now. I hope the creator though reveals himself to the wiki sometime soon cause this world is pretty amazing :D


Every community is unique in their own way, excluding a few constant buildings, including the Blue Beacon and a few other skyscrapers.

Crystal Lake

A resort town, this fairly small ommunity is towered over by many office towers, and citizens can enjoy the nice tropical breeze. More info soon

Landmarks: Crystal Lake Central Station


This city, unlike the southernmost community which is modern, is a futuristic city with many attractions and comfortable living in a next gen city, nestled by cliffs, from the classy apartments to the tallest and most futuristic buildings in the country, this city has something for everyone.

This city has futuristic apartments and buildings on both ends, and a taller commercial building downtown in the middle, and has very close access to the most convenient highway in all of the country! There is also a low density residential area at the the norrthermost area of the city which refrences a famous game ;D

Landmarks: Futura Hotel, Arc De Triomphe, Newton Royale Station, Telecom Tower


Renown for it's big skyline, Farington is the second biggest community next to Tokyo. There are quite a lot of high rise apartment buildings leading into a downtown lined with tons of office buildings, the most historic right at the heart. There are also many convenient pathways going around and about the downtown as well. There are three stations on the outskirts of this bumbling city, allowing for easy access to the smaller communties.

Landmarks: AAA Tower, Tokyo To Station, Federation Tower and of course the iconic skyline!


A peaceful village lined with quaint homes, this is where most people rest before commuting to the skyline of Farington. However there are two tall office towers in the town allowing for easy work as well. Only downside to this city is the slower access to other communities( Newton and Crystal Lake

Landmarks: Aqua Tower