Mega City Futura is just your average city out of tons of cool cities Edeners build. However, what makes this city stand out from the rest is it contains the most amount of skyscrapers of any city, which many of them are futuristic. This city is then truly an Eden New York, and makes some refrences to new york( central park like area)

The creator of this amazing futuristic city is unknown, but I really hope he/she comes into recognition since I wanted this world to be a lot more popular and into view than it actually is, that is why the page was created in the first place.

The current version is Mega City Futura V36, and has been usually updated before February, so the current builder is still working on. When I started playing EDEN about a year ago, it was just called Mega City V22 and from my observations up to now, there probably have been several builders after the original one. and so on and you have to search it by just typing in "futura" not the entire name, otherwise instead other mega cities will show up.


I decided to break the city down into districts for V36, here they are.

Futura: Main Sector of futuristic buildings, also contains a tower similar to the Tokyo Tower.

Old District: Assumed to be the first part of the city made by the types of buildings, contains some tall buildings, mainly older than the futuristic.

Central Park: A large district with many tall buildings, some futuristic all around a central park-like area.

Mountain District: A district with many buildings overshadowed by an enormous mountain( reaches to the height limit from bedrock)

Island District: Before the futuristic side of the city took over, there used to be islands in earlier versions, I think when another person was working on it(  hinting that the current builder may not be the actual creator of the city from the ground up). Now all rivers separating the islands are taken over by road and skyscrapers. Since there now isn't anything unique about the district to call it, I just stuck to this name.


Navigating around a skyscraper maze just got a whole lot easier! This detailed map by Mrob27 shows you a highly accurate representation...

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