About The World

This world is built by Eden Elite member, Henry Rhodes. This world was in the top 5 on the popular list for over a year. It is now placed at number 6 with Direct City taking its place. The world consists of Villas, Skyscrapers, and other homes. It was recently discontinued.

The Villas

The villas are the main attractions of the world. They all feature extremely detailed and modern looking homes.

Detailed Descriptions Possibly Coming Soon.


Here are maps of two versions of Luxury Villas, created by Mrob27 (see User_blog:Mrob27/Eden_World_Builder_v._1.7_Data_Format):

Luxury Villas v8 Contemeporary Estate-20130406.jpg

Map of "Luxury Villas v8 Contemeporary Estate" from 2013 April 6th


Luxury Villas v13 New School-20130406.jpg

Map of "Luxury Villas v13 New School" from 2013 April 6th. In this version there are new buildings in the northeast and the south.

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