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Lunbar (also known as Greeny) is a tall, non-aggressive, light green colored creature with two horns and no arms.


  • Two sprouting horns
  • Six spots
  • One large eye
  • A white stomach
  • Two sharp teeth
  • Two long legs
  • Two toes on each foot
  • Two ears 


  • Lunbar never was given an official name, and the name Lunbar was adopted by the community at an unknown time. After examining game files, the official name for the creature was likely meant to be Greeny.
  • Lunbar is the tallest Creature in the game, but is still shorter than the Avatar.
  • Lunbars may be inspired by Mike from the Disney Pixar movie, Monster's Inc.

Image Gallery[]


A Lunbar With a Moof.

Lunbar and Moof(Batty is on the left side of them)

Lunbar, Batty, & Moof in the preview version of 1.7