One of the original blocks of Eden, the Wood Trunk is a naturally occurring block (found in the base of trees). It is commonly used for the corners of wooden buildings. The tree trunk block is similar to the wood planks block in texture, but it is obviously darker. Users also make log cabins with this the Wood Trunk. This block can also be used to create tree houses to make it look natural. The trunk block is flammable.

Tropical Wood

Tropical Wood is a special type of wood set to appear in the 2.0 Update. They will have a "palm tree" like skin plank (texture), they  specifically spawn in tropical biomes. If you were to place a normal trunk in a tropical biome, they would have a different texture, no matter what.


  • The circle in the middle was a darker color before the 1.6 update.
  • Some people use Tree Trunks combined with leaves to make natural looking tree houses.
  • Can be used to make log cabins.
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