Leaves are flammable, natural, and found on trees. In normal worlds, they can naturally be green, red, yellow, or orange, but you can also paint them any color you'd like. a cool use for leaves are if you want to make a secret tree house, you can put leaves all around it to make everything look natural and fine.


  • Sometimes, leaves can be seen floating randomly in the sky. This is a result of a world generation glitch.
  • In previous updates, there used to be 4 different kinds of leaves on the pull up block menu - green, red, orange yellow. The three leaves were replaced by the painting function.
  • Some use this block as grass, probably because the actual Grass block isn't flammable, and because it doesn't have a dirt texture on it.
  • Unlike in Minecraft, Eden World Builder does not allow planting (e.g. planting saplings), therefore players can only build trees (using a tree trunk and leaves).
  • People sometimes use leaves as bushes or hedges.
  • This is also seems like a substitute for redstone circuitry from Minecraft.
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