Lava is an animated block on Eden. It is very similar to water in the sense of animation, as it appears to flow. It reacts the same as water when you delete a block: when you delete a block of lava, anything directly under it or anything downstream from it will disappear with it. The only difference from water that it has is that it isn't translucent or intangable, so you cannot swim in it. If you do touch it, however, it will act as a lesser Trampoline block and the user will bounce. The screen will also temporarily turn red as if the user was getting hurt.


  • Although it occurs naturally in reality, Lava doesn't in Eden.
  • When you touch lava, you bounce a little in the opposite direction and the screen turns red for a brief second, as if you are getting hurt. In Eden, you don't have health so this is more of a little feature than an indication of health loss.
  • If one block is painted green, it looks like radar scanning the ground.
  • Lava is one of two blocks that flow, the other being Water.
  • Although in reality, when Lava usually touches something, it burns, but it does not have that effect on flammable blocks in Eden.
  • Placing Water next to it won't cause the blocks to merge and solidify.
  • It is commonly used to make volcanoes.
  • Water and lava act the same way when a single block is placed through how much and far they flow out.
  • In Future updates, Eden's world generator will be drastically different, so lava may be naturally spawning.
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