Large Town is a map created by XrayLazer and will be a massive town. It is in V1 phase but is yet to be released due to an issue with the internet.

It will have skyscrapers in where you spawn that are in an area called west zone and progressing outwards to houses and suburbs and even a Icerail system to travel fast.

West Zone

West zone will have a bunch of skyscrapers but only a few because I don't have much time to add more stuff to it for now.

The Center

The center of the town has a town hall and lots of shops and one park.

The Suburbs

There are about 5 suburbs in the map marked by how they are a bit isolated from the town here they are:

  • Capcorp estates: 12 houses, 2 streets
  • Marrowood side: 5 houses, 1 streets
  • Stumpy ground: 18 houses, 5 streets
  • Bedrock bottom: 25 houses, 8 streets
  • Blocky paradise: 45 houses, 19 streets

East Zone

The poorer area of the town with houses in states of despair and some dirt roads along the long seemingly endless road.

Tenway Bridge

This is the link to an older version of the town which is brown, grey, and industrial with factories everywhere and the town dumpster

Version 1

This version currently has the Center area which is half complete with a helicopter near the world-height limit and the park is just started in construction with only 3 trees.

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