Laibai City

Laibai city is a world in Eden World Builder. It consists of multiple cities and biomes as well as time periods. If you want me to do something special, you can ask me and I will do it.

Was created March 18th 2014

Names of version:

- Laibai city preview

- Laibai Desert

- Laibai City v3

- Laibai City v3 and a half


Old city: The first working class neighbourhood in the city, on the left side of the white highway

Cyber: A neighbourhood set in the future in a cyberpunk era. (Has not visible form of nature, grass, trees...)

Desert: self explanatory

(I'll add the other ones later on)

Old city at night

Old town at night

Cyber from old city

Cyber from old city

Cyber from mega tower

Cyber from mega tower 001

Cyber during the day

Cyber during the day

Cyber from old city during the day

Cyber from old city during the day

Laibai 001

2 or 3 days old Laibai

Mega block I'm working on & mega tower in the far background. (Cyberpunk)

Population: 1243 If 2.6 People/household Under construction (with cranes): 1 Low rise (0-11 blocks high): 39 High rise (12-24 blocks high): 17 Skyscrapers(25+ blocks high): 13 Industrial: 2 Steampunk: 5 Mega Blocks: 2 Mega Towers: 1 Mansions: 2 Desert buildings: 20 Aboriginal buildings: 4

Total area of the desert: + 100 000 blocks square.

Total number of buildings: 106

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