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Kritoga the third and final world built by slang that combines a use of different building styles from more than 4 famous worlds. It was founded in 2017. It is meant to be a new somewhat metro/city in the Santogan Nation. It is built out of nothing. The first official, non-beta version of this world was released on June 9th, 2020.(From Santoga).The current version takes approximately 350mb.The next version is 3’9 which mainly consists of new buildings and street plans.

Kritoga Future

More infrastructure is being built and the old inconveniences of the oldest sectors are being replaced. The city’s expansion north is vital to new improvements in technology as well as design and urbanization. Cultivators will also be moving in towards the outskirts, but the main focus is the urban, more modern city. Below is a list of expansions planned.

  • Increase of building height (In the case of a height limit increase update)
  • Decommission and demolition of the old port
  • North Harbour master plan
  • Super Housing sectors master
  • Airport master Mk.IV



Phase 1 & 2

V2’4 map

These are the 4 terminals of the airport. The unlikely expansion had been considered, with a build cost of$. The high cost discouraged the construction in the past, but furthermore, the cost was reduced from the new currency system used by the frabanta alliance. The original terminal building was refurbished, and had several makeovers. The second building (which consists of a main building as well as two concourses) was constructed to accommodate short haul flights as well as short bodied aircraft (A320 family). The second building’s build cost was approximately$, and was funded by the government.

Terminal 1’s newest look in the 2.0 update.

Phase 3

Phase 3 of the airport was to extend the runways for long haul and wide body airliners as well as heavy cargo aircraft (B747 and An-124). The extension was completed early 2021.

The second building for terminals B, C & D

A Santogan airlines hangar was constructed on behalf of Frabanta architects and completed after the airport expansion.

The airport is the new hub of SantoganAirlines due to expansions.

Phase 4

Phase 4 of the airport is adding the heavy international flights terminal. This will be a satellite terminal. The runways will be extended again, to accommodate for more activity.

Port and Harbour Services

The first port will be decommissioned and demolished later, as a new one in the Wengen sector will be completed soon.

Civilian Port

This port is for all incoming container ships and fishing boats as well as small cruise ships. The port has 4 cargo spots, and 12 cranes have been installed. There is also a port for oil tankers to dock, and is owned by the Santogan Renewable fuel Company, which specializes in creating fuel out of renewable resources and reducing carbon footprint.

Navy Stationing

The new port will also accommodate Santogan navy ships. The navy currently has 10 ships that call the port home base.

A Santogan navy super frigate depicted at port.

Bay Plazas

There is currently 1 plaza for shopping and residential needs. There is also a harbour fire department there too with its own pier. New dry docks are also in development.

Rail Systems


A new rail system has been installed to replace the old wider gauge railway, which is now notable for coordination between freight and passenger services and defense transportation. With this new additional rail system, civl works can proceed even better. The military defenses also use the new rail system for troop and equipment transport. The rail is estimated to run all the way to the new harbor.

Cargo Lines

The cargo transport by rail is essential for logistics and supply chains.

InterCity Tram

The interCity tram is used for downtown people transport. There is another overhead rail that connects the old downtown with the newer one.

Rapid Tram Transport

The new rapid transport line is notorious for its high speed.

Rail Inventory

The railway currently consists of these types:

Type Designation Configuration Notes
Rail Freighters
TR Diesel 8796 LCCCC
TR Diesel 8797 LCCCC Military version.
TR Electric 904 LLCCCCC
- LCCCCC This type has not yet been documented, and more info is needed.
InterCity Tram
TR 5678 <4-4> LR Similar to the NYC subway, but above ground and shorter.
TR 890 <1-1> L
Rapid Tram Transport
TR Type 6593 Mk.I <2-5-5-2> LCCR Similar in shape to the Hayabusa
TR Type 6593 Mk.II <3-5-5-3> LCCR Possible replacement to the entire Mk.I fleet.
TR Type 486 <3-5-3> LCR


Residential sectors come in different kinds: rich mansions, middle priced housing and small town houses. Several sectors are being developed on behalf of Frabanta architects hired to construct several entire sectors worth of housing and infrastructure. This contract will cost$. A new highway will also be constructed by them and will cost$

One of the new sectors being built, this is street in a middle class sector.

Houses in lower class sectors will have a medium cost of 350.000$ to 450.000$.

Houses in middle class sectors have medium cost of 550.000$ to 600.000$.

Houses in higher class sectors will have a medium cost of 800.000$ and may go all the way up to an extreme 15.000.000$.

Apartments all over the city have a medium prices of 300.000$ all the way up to 1.000.000$.

Government Spending


Using Frabanta Alliance currency, significant increases in budget for all branches in Santoga’s military have taken place. New and even more advanced equipment with greater ranges and capacity were ordered while retiring older and more bulkier ones.

Currency, Housing Solutions and Rates

The currency and its following system shared by the frabanta alliance do not control mortgage rates as well as taxes for houses and their properties, furthermore individual alliance members are responsible for tax and mortgage payments.



This is the first sector in the city built.


Also know as the ‘downtown’, features high rise, and a middle-high school. Also has a mall in the making. A new downtown will be made as expansion continues.


Also known as ‘lil Amsterdam’, this sector has many housing/shopping plazas, and is home to Ariksborg lake.


This is a small sector in the Wallegenborg valley. It is where the highest buildings are, and architectural feats. There are two bridges that pass over the valley, one for trolley, and the other a highway.


This is a residential sector, will only have neighborhoods.


Also known as ‘Samaraborg’, is the entire bay area .


This is the area where the airport sits. The sector goes on past the airport itself.


View of Kritoga airport’s 1st terminal

The developing future Kritoga skyline

This is the northernmost civilized area. This sector is mainly the industrial center of the city, and includes the main harbour.





Rich mansions with an ocean view.








The future downtown

Sector Maps

Coming soon

Santogan Military

“Golden Vikings” F-15s low pass with afterburners.

Note that this was to be a separate article for Santoga.

Santoga is considered a neutral zone, but strongly believes in keeping military and defense a main priority. Since the country of Santoga is made of islands in the Baltic Sea, defense and preservation of them is key. The military is voluntary, and does require intelligence and physical testing. During the past year, Santoga has increased defense funding, allowing for an even more diverse and advanced inventory. Most military is directed towards defensive warfare, and can be switched to an offensive directive if provoked. Note that most of the military and inventory are for reserve because of big inventories.

Santogan Airforce (SAF)

The entire Air Force is dedicated to air defense. No fighters are equipped with missiles or bombs, unless needed. The Air Force is the main line of defense to secure any conflict in the air. The Air Force is also responsible to assist the navy and army in combat engagements, only if they are overwhelmed or in a bad situation. Most operations are joint branch. With newly acquired equipment, defense can operate with more capabilities. The airforce has worked with the United States of Eden (equal to in real life USA) to acquire F-22s and B-1s. In preparation to (if any) nuclear crisis caused by an opposing pact, the B-1 bomber squadrons will be a first line of defense along with a special advanced stealth F-22 variant in the case of an offensive warfare situation. Furthermore, Global Sentinel (based on the Bombardier Global business jet) advanced radar planes have been ordered respectively.

Bellow is the inventory of the Air Force.

Aircraft type Number Purpose Notes
F-15C Eagle 50 Multirole Will be phased out
F-5E Tiger 24 Training/multirole
GAAS MQ-9 Reaper 24 Combat drone Also used for surveillance over suspicious land; heavily armed.
Bombardier Global Sentinel 6 AWACS/AEW/ATS
E-3B Sentry 4 AWACS/AEWC
Santogan Aeronautics C-101C Beluga 10 AMC Small freight carrier.
AC-130J Combat Shadow 16 Combat craft/Refueling AC-130J is a combat plane that is also used for refueling for all of the fighters.
Lockheed F-22B Raptor 32 Air Superiority Fighter Replacement to a third of the F-15 fleet.
Lockheed F-35A Lightning II 32 Multirole Advanced Stealth Fighter Replacement to the second third of F-15 fleet.
Santogan Aeronautics B-21B Tactical Bomber 8 Tactical Bomber
B-1C Lancer 8 Light Tactical bomber.
UH-1Y Super Venom 25 Transport/logistics
Airbus A320-131 2 VIP transport; ‘Airforce two’
Airbus A321N 2 ‘Airforce One’
Saab Metroliner 5 Transport
GLF G-550 3 VIP transport
Totals 335

Below are aircraft previously operated by Santoga but are now in use by allies and are currently stationed Santogan airbases.

Type Number Purpose Notes
RC-135V Rivet Joint 3 Airborne Refueling Formerly operated by
Typhoon 20 Multirole Fighter Formerly operated by
Mirage 15 Interceptor Previously operated by Santoga, a replica can be found in the new Santogan Aviation museum and flight school.
Totals 40

List of Santogan Air force and Navy Squadrons and Air Wings

  • Air Mobility Command: 401st, 402nd, 403rd, 404th, 405th, 406th.
  • Air Superiority Squadron: 20th, 21st, 22nd, 23rd, 24th.
  • Air Squadron: 1st, 2nd.
  • AEW & ATS Wing: 150th, 151st, 152nd.
  • AF Reserve Wing: N/A
  • AF Front Defense Wing: 101st.
  • Amphibious Vertical lift Carrier Ops: SVS 246, 247, 248, 249, 250, 251, 252, 253
  • Attack Helicopter Wing: 301st, 302nd, 303rd, 304th, 305th, 306th, 307th, 308th, 309th, 310th.
  • Carrier Ops: SAQ 141, 142, 143, 144, 145, 146
  • Helicopter AirLift Wing: 350th, 351st, 352nd, 353rd.
  • Patrol/AEW/Scout: VAD 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27.
  • Sentry Wing: 199th.
  • Tactical Bomber Squadron: 201st, 202nd, 203rd, 204th.
  • UAV Air Squadron: 170th, 171st, 172nd, 173rd, 174th, 175th, 176th.

Defense Systems

These are all systems used for assault defense.

Note most of the systems are fitted on Navy ships.

Type Purpose Notes
X Anti missile rocket Knocks missiles off course The main physical object for missile defense and the only one that makes contact with the target missile.
RamJet Missile MK1 Extremely fast missile RamJet Missile that can reach over mach 3 in speed.
SG Polaris 2 Anti Aircraft/Missile defense system Fitted on the X class Aircraft Carrier
AirGuard360 Anti Aircraft assault defense system
SeaGuard360 Anti naval assault defense system
RapidFire MK1 Extreme rapid fire Anti Aircraft/missile gun Used in all branches, fitted to ships in the navy as well.
Sparrow MK1 Anti aircraft/tank/ship/boat/missile defense missile system
YAL-750A (CRJ-750(F)) Experimental laser to destroy missiles and possibly other aerial objects. Similar to the YAL-1 system. 2 in inventory.

Santogan Navy Gulfstream C-37D

Santogan Navy (SN)

Note the Santogan Navy also shares equipment with the airforce AMC units.

The Navy supports the Air Force, and recon missions usually involve both branches.

The Navy Marines and Coast guard are semi branches in the Navy, and sometimes share equipment. The Navy also has a special elite operations unit (seou).

Because of a significant budget increase for the Navy and Air Force specifically, new Combat Boats, Amphibious Aircraft Carrier, Stealth Ships, E-2s and expanded F-35 fleet. The Navy uses the geography of Santoga as an advantage, as there are many islands that can be used as defense. Most of the Navy stays in the domestic waters in the channels of islands. Ships are identified by their gray color and Santogan flag.

Bellow is the inventory of the Navy.

Type Number Purpose Notes
Guardian Class Medical/transport ship 2 Medical ship
Percivle Class Cruiser 7 Cruiser 3 at port.
Vought Class Guided Missile Destroyer 2 GMD 1 at port.
Webler Class Amphibious Aircraft Carrier 5 Advanced Amphibious Aircraft Carrier 3 at port.
Ronin Class Missile Submarine 7 Submarine 3 at port; 1 is a stretched variant.
Gung Ho Super frigate 2 Patrol and Command Ship 1 in port; The flagship.
Voron Class Destroyer 3 Advanced Stealth Destroyer 1 in port.
Santoga Class Aircraft Carrier 2 Advanced Aircraft Carrier 1 in port; Base for F-35C operations.
X Corvette 6 Advanced Combat Boat 1 in port.
X 8 Combat Boat 2 at port.
X 5 Advanced Stealth Combat Boat 1 in port.
Totals 49
P-8B Poseidon 5 AWACS/AEW/ATS Formerly with the airforce AWACS squadron, and were transferred to the navy 5-3-2021
F/A-18E Hornet 32 Multirole Fighter Assigned to the aircraft carriers.
AV-8B Harrier 16 Hover/Conventional Fighter Assigned to the aircraft carriers.
Lockheed F-35C Lightning II 36 Hover/Conventional Fighter Assigned to the aircraft carriers.
Santogan Aeronautics EA-10B/C Electra ? Electronic Warfare Aircraft
E-2C Hawkeye 6 Tracker/Scout Assigned to the aircraft carriers.
Bell AH-1J Viper 25 Attack helicopter Most are on reserve and designated for Air Force use.
MH-60D Seahawk 36 Cargo transport Most are on reserve and designated for Air Force use.
GLF G-550 3 VIP transport
Totals 147

Santogan Coast Guard (SCG)

The Coast Guard is the first semi branch in the Navy.

Bellow is the inventory of the Coast Guard.

Type (A for aircraft) Number Purpose Notes
Guardian II Class CG Frigate 2 Patrol 1 in port; the coast guard flagship; will be an anti smuggling/illegal operations command.
X Class Recovery Ship 3 Rescue/recovery One in bay, can hold medium sized ships, has a built in crane, a small hospital, and a helicopter pad.
MH-60B Jayhawk (A) 10 Search & rescue
Totals 15

Santogan Navy Marine Corps (SNMC)

The marines are the last semi branch in the navy. The navy marines also include many units of special elite operations teams that help with guarding bases and important government officials. The NMC also conducts amphibious landings. They are the offensive defensive line of the military, so they are the only branch that conducts offensive warfare. Vehicles are identified by their woodland camouflage.

Below is the inventory of the Navy Marine Corps.

Type Number Purpose Notes
A-10C 25 Anti-ground vehicle jet Famous for its demo team, called the “Gold Vikings”. These anti tank jets are part of the air offensive wing.
UH-1Y Super Venom 25 Transport/logistics
Totals 58
M31 Amphibious AV 30+ Amphibious assault Similar to the LVTP7
Type 8 HMV with AA/AT 30+ Armored Amphibious Vehicle Similar to the TUZ 420
Type 6 Amphibious Transport 20+ AV Similar to the Bv 206
Totals 80+

Army AAV next to a Helipad.

Santogan Army (SA)

The Army is the last branch in the military. Also called the Ground Force, the Army is responsible for the protection and defense of the ground while conducting most of its drills on the coasts of the islands of Santoga.

With the new additions of air support like the new Hawkeye radar planes and new anti missile, tank and aircraft systems, Ground Forces can operate with better abilities. Vehicles are identified by their snow camouflage. Note that 4 out of 5 of tanks are for reserve.(statistic)

Bellow is the inventory of the Army.

Type Number Purpose Notes
Boeing CH-47G chinook 12 Transport/logistics Used for heavy lift cargo transport operations.
Bell AH-1 Cobra 25 Attack helicopter On reserve.
Bell UH-1YB Huey 12 Logistics Medical transport.
E-2F Hawkeye 7 AEW & ATS
Totals 72
M100 100+ Main battle tank Similar to the M1 Abrams
M47 long range 100+ Self propelled artillery Similar to the Palmaria
M23 mobile cannon 100+ Self propelled artillery Similar to the AS 90
M31 Amphibious AV 100+ Amphibious assault Similar to the LVTP7
MMLS 40+ Missile launcher Similar to the SA-10
Type 8 HMV with AA/AT 50+ Armored Amphibious Vehicle Similar to the TUZ 420
Type 3 MLRS 20+ Multiple launch Rocket System Similar to the MIM 104
Type 6 Amphibious Transport 50+ AV Similar to the Bv 206
Totals 560+
Light Troop Landing Boat 10 Landing Boat
Type 3 AA/AT gun 500+ Rapid fire anti aircraft/tank gun Fitted on tanks
Type 9 Guided missile system 100+ Guided missile - Anti aircraft/tank Similar to ones fitted on ships, this system is used for the mobile missile launching system (MMLS)
Totals 610+

List of Santogan Air Force, Navy, and Army Bases

*These bases are found in different and individual ally cities, places and in Santoga that can be found under the search bar in game. Note most of the worlds are still unavailable for download.*

Santoga has several bases across its areas of land. To find Santogan bases, use the 12 digit code mentioned after the actual world name in the search section in game to find the world.

Kritoga - [070041|165739 070041]
  • Southern Kritoga Joint Air Reserve Base (All branches)
  • Fort Kritoga (Army)
  • North Harbour Navy Docks (Navy)
Wegeinborg - [070044|070043 070044]
  • Wegeinborg Air base (Air Force)
Undisclosed - [638844|055140 638844]
  • Gronhus Mountain (Army, Air Force)
Seinborg - [165739|623573 165739]
  • Seinborg Airbase (Air Force)
El Santoga - [980002|070032 980002]
  • El Santoga Air Force Base (Air Force)
Santa Ines Belmonte sq BuildsII V2’4
  • Santa Ines Mountain II, undisclosed (Army, Air Force) - Santa Ines
Undisclosed - [168943|070048 168943]
  • Undisclosed (Air Force)
Undisclosed - [890002|166793 890002]
  • Undisclosed (Navy)

Government Programs

SpaceForce (Joint Frabanta Alliance)

The space force is a joint frabanta alliance program intended for space missions, and technology testing. The space force will create several missions for a space station, missile defense satellites, and a shuttle program. The frabanta alliance has worked with Eden UN (not United Worlds) for funding and approval. The [REDACTED] Program falls under this new force.

[REDACTED] Program (Joint Frabanta Alliance)

Part of the article for this program has been released.

The [REDACTED] Program is a new program funded by the Frabanta Alliance, and is meant to [DATA EXPUNGED]. The Santogan Air Force is in command of the [REDACTED] Program. The command center is in a [REDACTED] in [REDACTED].

Scheduled full military inter government briefing to be announced.

Bellow is the inventory of the [REDACTED] Program.

Type Number Purpose Notes
Type Q-6 UAV ? Unknown/various
Type 2 Scout vehicle ? Unknown/various
X-301/2 ? Fighter
X-303 - Destroyer Navy designated
Shuttle Jumper ? Unknown/various

Crew Equipment

  • Combat knife (all army members)
  • M1014 combat Shotgun
  • AT4-AGuided Missile (used with tank groups)
  • M134 minigun
  • MG-3 Machine gun
  • MGL55 Semi-auto grenade launcher
  • M416HK
  • M24 sniper
  • HMP5S SMG (Airforce)
  • P92 pistol
  • M204 grenade launcher (for all rifles)
  • MK 18 Marksman rifle
  • [REDACTED] gun (used in the [REDACTED] program)
  • [REDACTED] weapon (used in the [REDACTED] program)


Replaced, Destroyed and Current Iconic Buildings and Landmarks

Many buildings have been built/replaced. Bellow lists iconic buildings and landmarks that led to the expansion of the city.

Building/landmark name Use Notes Completion estimation
KOG airport terminal 1 Airport terminal The original terminal building; was expanded and then remodeled in the 0’7 update. 5/2019
KOG terminal 2 Airport terminal Was destroyed and replaced by a new 3 terminal rotunda 7/2019
Ogenborg Airport Airport The main international airport of Kritoga. There are 3 terminal buildings, 2 are international. There is 1 control tower, 1 fire department, 1 private jet terminal, 5 different letter gates, was essential to the expansion of the city. Still under renovation.
Central building Apartment/residential This was the first and highest building in the city and was replaced in the 1’7 update. 6/2019
Basketball stadium (central) Stadium The only basketball stadium; will be replaced in the 2’4 update 6/2019
Football stadium (central) Stadium Will be destroyed in the 2’4 update 6/2019
Kritoga Airbase Airbase A bomber crashed there early in its life, and was moved south for residential reasons. 8/2019
Dorenborg Stadium Stadium The newest stadium, is to replace the first football stadium 10/2020
Borreed Mall Shopping, dinning, etc. A new mall located in the Borreed sector; it is currently under construction. ?
North Point Airport Airport Small airstrip by the North Harbour access road. 10/2020
Laydon Isl. Airport Airport Small airstrip on an isolated island in the Kritoga Bay. 9/2020
Kritoga governor’s house House
BioDrome Park A dome building with an indoor park and plants.
Sands amusement park Park
Kritoga Aviation Museum and Pilot Training Center Museum/school
Centralborg Kritoga University School

Iconic Buildings and Landmarks Gallery

Coming soon

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