Learn about infrastructure and transportation around Krit City.

Intro to This World

Krit City is a world built by me (Beeeen4) meant to be a new somewhat metro/city in the Santogan Nation. It is built Ex-Nihilo or out of nothing. The first official, non-beta version of this world was released on June 9th, 2020. (From Santoga) Just to verify, the world name is Krit city santoga.

Important News!!

I (Beeeen4) has got news that Krit City will be *drumroll* receiving an ocean!!! There will be an emergency update to the world at about 6/30!! This news is SUPER unexpected but is true. The emergency update will feature a new ocean, and a new archipelago town, Samara Ville, in hounour of Samara who is responsible for the creation of the ocean. The town and islands probably will not appear yet. All future updates will be post-poned until the islands are completed. All updates have now been switched, the islands may be added after version ‘4’5. Also, version ’4’4 has been released early 6/26. If update ‘4’5 ocean is late due to technical issues with the Eden World Manipulator, all future updates will be post-poned. Yes this news is unexpected, but everything mentioned above will be executed.


The ocean version of the world will be out maybe as early as 7/2/2020

Fictional History

The city started from a small town founded by a colleague of George Aston, Richard Henso in 1858. The town had continued to grow until it becomes a city. During the Cold War between Two Titans and PMB, all of Santoga Nation had riots in the three major cities.

These riots existed for a year, which was called the “darkest year in Santogan history”. The Santogan government had finally suppressed them right at the end of this year. The government and partners had helped to rebuild the destruction caused by the riots, in the end.

After the Cold War, El Santoga and Krit city regional governors (at the time) had issued during a conference at Olympic Metropolis, that Krit city and other Santogan regions will have no intention to attack, but to defend. This conference started the Santogan Defense Force. The city had adapted to normal life again over the years. Kingly Games accepted the changes.

Areas, Buildings, and Places

To find places in Krit, the central area (player spawn or home area) is used to find locations in the world.

Tormansk Area (West of Central Area)

Tormansk mall:

Coming soon, will have more than 7 stores, mostly iconic ones.

Tormansk regional Airport:

Coming soon, mostly for flight schools and city air patrol. The SantoganAir flight simulator training building, though not at Tormansk regional airport, somewhat are close together.

Central Area (Used as the Center to Find Other Places)

Apartments, stores and housing.

Krit Southern (South of Central Area)

Krit lake:

3 islands, 1 for regional governor’s house and 1 for villa housing.

Krit Santogan Air Defense Base:

Separate ‘village’ for the regional air defense squad #329.

SantoganAir Corp. Office:

Secondary Corp. tower.

Henso Airport Krit (North of Central Area)

Krit City airport (OGG):

The main intl. airport of the region, soon to have backup with the Tormansk Regional airport.

Samara Ville

A new town expected in the emergency ‘4’5 update scheduled for 6/30 new details in versions section of the article.

The World, The City

About This City...


The Krit Freight line is the only train system in the nation of Santoga. This is a photo of the ”wood train” that delivers wood.

Krit needs everything a city needs. Here are some of these needs.

  • Hotels: The Sun Hotel Krit is a hotel that goes over highway 4. This hotel is inspired by the real-life Main St. station hotel in Las Vegas, USA. The EarthV Hotel is a new hotel built for update ’4’5. One more hotel is going to be in the Tormansk Area.
  • Trains: The Krit Freight line is a train line that goes through the southern area of the city. It is the only train line in Santoga and there are 5 different types of freight being transported on this line; water, oil, scooters, wood and other.
  • 747 Park: A park that displays a Boeing 747-200 at the center of the park. The 747-200 is ex-Northwest Airlines Cargo and took 5 days to move after landing at the airport and removing all working components. The left cargo door on the aircraft is open to provide shade during the hot days.
  • Airport: Krit airport or Richard Henso Airport is an international airport that hosts, now, 17 jet bridges, 5 cargo spaces and 8 extra parking spaces. The airport code is OGG, so some would get confused and call it KRT. Plus, OGG is an airport code in Hawai’i! There are 6 runways, 3 airstrips, and 3 landing and takeoff strips; 27R, 27L, 09L, 09L, 36 and 18.

    This 2004 photo shows the 747 Park. It is the only park in the central area, and is also referred to as the Krit Central Park.

EarthV Hotel Krit

The new EarthV Hotel in update 4’4.


Since Santoga’s main goal is to be a greener country, you need eco-friendly scooters! This is why roads, parking, and highways are thinner for the scooters. All road transports are scooters, even delivery and public transportation vehicles. There is only one highway, highway 4, which cuts through southern and northern areas and loops in central.

The Krit River...

The Krit river runs through southern Krit, along the highway. There are several inhabited islands, the man-made Tuttle Back Island, Crescent Island, Brol housing Isles, and BE L7 football field.

Sports Program...

L7 Sports is the only professional sports league in Santoga. They host games for football, basketball, and baseball. Basketball and football stadiums for L7 are in Krit, with the baseball stadium in Astonville. L7 is also a partner and proud supporter with SantoganAir.

Air Defense Base...

There is housing next to Krit ADB, but are not connected. The base is a separate ’village’, all in one building.


Turttle Back Island, hosts eateries, which are family owned and operated; loved by many.

Krit Bay Islands...

Coming soon...

Krit Bay Islands status

Whats Next?

I (the builder) will keep updating this world to fix major and minor issues and details.

Versions, Future Updates Info, and Dates:

’1; Debut. Scheduled for 6/9/2020

’2; Detail improvements, such as finishing some buildings and adding more trees. Scheduled for 6/11/2020

’2’5; South Lake construction and completion with three islands. Scheduled for 6/13/2020

’3; The biggest update yet, a new second airport terminal and completed highway that goes under taxiway and runway. Also more trees and buildings, and extended the train line. Scheduled for 6/16/2020

’4; New bus lines, complete more buildings and more detail fixes. Scheduled for 6/21/2020

’4’4; New car ‘scooter’ factory and more buildings. Scheduled for 6/31/2020 (delayed due to emergency ‘4’5 update, probably be in the ‘5 update)

All updates have been delayed. More info on them will be out soon.

’4’5; More outlines for future buildings and extension to the OGG terminal 2 and another air-traffic control tower. Scheduled for 6/31/2020 (Partly combined with the ‘4’4 update, early)

’5; Finish more buildings, detail fixes. Scheduled for 7/4/2020

’6; Biggest update yet, added the Tormansk area. Scheduled for 7/15

More Info on future versions coming soon!

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