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Trees in progress.

KotE is a world made by JonEden, a fantasy world filled with dungeons, castles (one), and a kickarse clock tower. KotE stands for Kain of the Exiled. The lastest verson (v9) is currently in production, as it was deleted by accident last month.

The world in general[]

The world started out with a castle. A simple castle, mind you, with a magic ruby crystal, a twisting and turning dungeon, and three stories of paradoxes. The castles's courtyard currently contains a stable, a church, a watchtower, a library, a theatre, and a "portal". In the middle of the courtyard there is also a fountain, which leads to a secret passageway to the moat. Most of this area was completed until the world was wiped recently.

The road to the city was a risen platform overlooking the slums, until the wipe, and is on it's way to be so once again. The city contains a few skyscrapers, two accessible at the moment. There is also a clock tower, still stuck in one place, and a alleyway that leads to a dead end...which can be climbed up to get to the top of the buildings. And another fountain, which leads to the Lake Urini.

Further past the city is the crossroads, which leads to either to the caves, or to the countryside, woods, and town. The town is built around trees, and surrounded by a massive wall. 

Update/Version history[]

Update Description of update
World of Kain of the Exiled V1 This brought us the bare bones of the castle, a ripped up courtyard, and the beginning of a pathway to the city.
World of Kain of the Exiled V2 This came with the first part of the city, including the dead end fountain, and more of the castle. The path to the city was mostly finished.
World of Kain of the Exiled V3 Not much changed, but more details, more castle, more courtyard, and continuation of the city, to where the crossroads would be. 
KotE V5 with EASTER EGGS Completely ignoring V4, V5 came with many a secret, such as climbing up walls, secret caves, and references. Hence the name, with EASTER EGGS. Clock tower was also added.
KotE with Easter EGGS V6 V6 gave us the crossroads, the beginning of the towns and the caves.
KotE with Easter EGGS V7 The beginnings of the countryside and towns, and more tweaks to details. Courtyard finished.
KotE with Easter Eggs V8 (all) Many new things out. Currently releasing V8,3-V8,9. Pathway being changed, city and town expanding, castle tweaked, and much more. Planning to get cracking on the caves.
KotE V9 Planned inclusions: Full caves of Geinom, starting on the Great Monsii Sea, expanded city, finishing the town of Rell, finished Karmied Castle, slums, and many easter eggs and other things!