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The Joystick

Special Feature:

Allows the Avatar to move in every direction





First Appearance:

Version 1.0 (As D-Pad)

The Joystick is one of the most invaluable tools in Eden. It allows the user to move the Avatar throughout a World, whether its walking on land, or swimming in water. It is the primary method of transportation in Eden. It can be used with the Jump button to make long jumps. It also works with interactive blocks, like the Ladder and Vine blocks, in a way where moving the Joystick up moves the Avatar upwards, and vice versa, and occasionaly, to move to a different face of the block. With water, if the user holds it downward, the Avatar will descend, and rise if held upward. Joysticks replaced the original D-Pad (arrows!) in Version 1.1.

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