J6U Parkour Race Track Map 1 BEV


This is a map by J6U. It is a race track map to run around in. The map supports four players. It is currently close to completion; just minor color and background adjustments to be done.


No block placing or destroying. (Obviously) You can cross the one block walls that run along the track by its side. You can go through the shortcut. Try not to double jump. Stay on the track during the race.


This is the first of J6U's Race Track Maps. J6U will continue, and make another after the 2.0 update, and hopefully, multiplayer will arrive soon, so that the map will actually be playable.

Feel free to give J6U any messages if you feel something needs to be balanced, or changed, for a good reason.


J6U Parkour Race Track Map 1 BEV

This is the bird's eye view of the map.

J6U Parkour Race Track Map 1 BEV2

Another view from the top

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