This is what I would call a truckers dream

So you have build a ton of roads to get to any where but its a mess and takes forever because you have to constantly turn. What can you do? You can build and Interstate.

Step One

Find you starting point

Step Two

Dig up an 1x11 block area and fill it with black ice blocks. Then put a rock block so that it separates it into two 5 block sections.

Step Three

Now dig forward and keep going until you hit an road fill in the interstate with black ice blocks and color some white like if this were the Interstate color it (Black White Black White Black)

Step Four

Now rise the road so that it would be two blocks in between the ice blocks of the road and the interstate. Then use the half blocks to create a lower level and continue till you reach the ground.

Step Five

Then branching off the interstate create four roads that connect to the road

Step Six

Continue, Follow the guide picture for Interstates on Interstate exchanges


Share your pictures of Interstates here

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